part 1

Besisahar to Manang

First a few impressions from Kathmandu and the view from my hotel at the fifth floor.

Starting of in Besisahar (760m) at about 2p.m. exhausted after a long and a bit uncomfortable ride in a mini bus. Warm and dry weather on my short ride up to Syange (1100m)

Next morning after a good breakfast via Chyamche and Dharapani to Timang (2750m), where a fire at night warmed us. Nice talk with some Irish folk and two others with our host in the guesthouse.

Next day from Timang to Upper Pisang (3300m), frozen water from now on (not only the showers in the guesthouses). I asked a woman at a permit checkpoint today how many trekkers are on the way at the moment, she said I am number 31 today, was late afernoon) and that in high season there are up to 500 per day!

Another short day from Upper Pisang to Manang (3540m) via the small airport at Humde. I stayed in Tilicho Hotel for two nights and made a trp to Khangsar and beyond, direction Tilicho Lake the other day for acclimatisation. Manang offers not only a cinema but also a few last minute opportunities to stock up on your clothing, for a nanosecond I was tempted to buy a down feather jacket for the cold nights.

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