Friday, December 28, 2018

More pictures from Manang

Besisahar - Manang

Getting a bit cold up here. Its a tea house trek, I had an apple pie made from local apples that grow 2850m above sealevel. Short day to Upper Pisang. Very strong wind in the afternoon. Another short day to Manang at 3500m the last village in the valley. One day of akklimatisation here and a Trip to Kangsar and a bit beyond.

Kathmandu - Besisahar

Kathmandu. Thamel. Tomorrow some sightseeing and permits, then per bicycle around Annapurna.
Some friends of mine do electrical installations, they may find interesting techniques in Kathmandu :) at 13.30 start in Besisahar and 25km to Syange. The sun is away after 3pm in that valley and at 6pm its dark. Road from dusty/sandy to deep mud. Food excellent, two more tourists with a local guide on the trek